The case of the theft of watches belonging to King Mohammed VI has not yet revealed all its secrets, but the last hearing on Friday, January 24, revealed new aspects of the case.

As a reminder, the Rabat Court of Appeal sentenced fifteen people on the night of Friday to Saturday to terms ranging from 4 to 15 years in prison, for having participated in the theft of several watches belonging to the king.

The main suspect, a 46-year-old housekeeper who worked in one of the palaces, received 15 years in prison. His accomplice and lover, 37, was sentenced to the same penalty.

The cleaning lady melted the stolen watches to resell the raw material to shops specializing in the gold trade, before selling them as is. She is accused of having taken a total of 36 luxury watches and was thus able to sell 14 in Salé, 11 in Casablanca, and 11 others in Fez.

The other fourteen, all men, are gold retailers and middlemen. All were given a minimum of four years in prison.

Arrested at the end of 2019, they were tried for “robbery” and “forming a criminal gang.” Before the judge, they said they did not know the origin of these watches.

Most of the stolen watches were later sold to foreigners. They are, among others, an Emirati, a Jordanian, and a Syrian whose names were mentioned in the minutes of the National Brigade of the Judicial Police (NBJP).

These buyers of royal watches were the subject of arrest warrants which were released under the supervision of the Attorney General, said Assabah in its edition of Monday, January 27.

A Jordanian national was handed over by Interpol to the BNPJ, which referred him to the king’s prosecutor to answer the charge of concealment and theft, reports the daily. The defendant was aware of the criminal origin of the high-value watches he had just bought from two young “Casablancais.”

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