This international forum, which aims to be a space for debate and analysis, will bring together more than 300 participants, including civil and military officials, leaders of international organizations, security officials, African, American, European, and Asian experts, indicates a press release from the organizers.

The debates during this forum will focus on several themes including “the African strategic perspective in terms of fragile balances,” “the South, theater of fourth-generation wars,” “Intelligence in the era of globalization and threats globalized,” and “Cyber-war: new threats and new geopolitics.”

The participants will also examine other questions related to “the Moroccan model of defense and security diplomacy”, “the Sahel facing the peril of Jihadism”, “the gender dimension: an element of prevention and fight against communitarianism, factors of violent radicalization “and” communalism, radicalization and far-right terrorism in the West “.

The “Marrakech Security Forum” is organized by the Moroccan Center for Strategic Studies (CMES), in partnership with the African Federation for Strategic Studies (FAES).

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