This act, which shocked Moroccans, pushed the Council of the Moroccan Community Abroad (CCME) to react by strongly condemning this act, qualifying it as “childish” and “cowardly.”

In its statement today, CCME reiterated that such acts represent an offense to the dignity of all Moroccans. CCME secretary-general Abdellah Boussouf, quoted by the same source, said it was “a serious attack on one of the symbols of national sovereignty and the dignity of Moroccans.” Boussouf added that this represents a criminal act that has nothing to do with freedom of expression”. 

Saturday, October 26, a group of people marched in Paris to commemorate the third anniversary of Mochine Fikri’s death. During these demonstrations, the so-called “Rifan Separatists” burned the flag of the Kingdom of Morocco with the presence of foreign media and claimed the independence of the Rif and branded flags of the alleged Republic of Rif.

Said Chramti, president of the Grand Rif Association for Human Rights, present at the event, “strongly condemned the act perpetrated by a small group of separatists who burned the flag of Morocco, on French soil.” 

According to the media Adult Africa, also present on the scene, the demonstrators read a document in which they called for diplomatic measures and economic sanctions against Morocco” while underlining that the purpose of this march was “To alert the French to recent political developments in the Moroccan Rif.” 

During this Monday’s parliamentary session, the president of the Moroccan Chamber of Representatives, Habib El Malki, called for reciting the national anthem as a sign of deep condemnation of the Paris events.

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