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Award for best feature film, best director, best actress, best documentary film, and jury prize “Nour Cherif.”

Consecration for Moroccan cinema. It won 4 prizes at the 35th edition of the Alexandria Mediterranean Film Festival, closed this Sunday at the Sayed Darwish Theater in Egypt. In total, 6 Moroccan films took part in this edition, with Spain as a guest of honor. These are the featured movies: “Nomads,” “Ultimate Revolt,” “Assia” and “The Shadow of a Wall” and in the category of short films and documentaries “My beautiful village in Imilhil” and “The old man and the mountain.”

Distinctions accumulate for the Franco-Moroccan production released last August, “Nomads.” Elected “Best Film” in the category of feature films. Directed by the French Olivier Coussemacq, which received the “best director” prize, also made the Moroccan actress Jalila Talemsi to win the ” best actress” prize.

The jury of the feature film category Chaired by Egyptian actor Mohyi Ismail and included the Moroccan actor Mohamed Miftah.

For the “Nour Chérif of feature films” contest, the film “Ultimate revolt” by Jilali Ferhati has won the “Special Jury Prize.” Chaired by the Egyptian actress Libliba, and the Moroccan actress Fatima Kheir as part of the jury
“The old man and the mountain” of Mohamed Rida Gueznai, won the first prize in the “documentary” category.

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