Moroccan Army

The Moroccan Ministry of Interior announced yesterday that the operation starts on Tuesday, April 9th and will continue until Friday, June 7th. The lists of young people who are required to complete the census form for military service for this year are ready.

On April 2nd and under the chairmanship of the Deputy Prime Minister of the Court of Cassation and President of the Chamber at the said Court, the ad-hoc central committee adopted these lists following the provisions of Law 44.18 on military service.

Equality between citizens and a balance between regions have been the fundamental principles in the establishment of these lists that are now in the hands of prefectures, provinces, and relevant authorities, which will, in their turn, notify the candidates to fill required application forms.

The Ministry of the Interior calls the youth aged 19 to 25, who will receive these notices (in person or through a member of their family) through local administrative authorities, to fill out the census form on a dedicated military service website.

Young people who have fulfilled the age requirement are invited by the Ministry of Interior to verify on this same portal that their names appear on the lists of those called to perform this year’s military service.

For further information on military service, young Moroccans can contact the local administrative authorities closest to their place of residence or check the dedicated web portal. For Moroccans residing abroad, they can get in touch with consular services in their country of residence.

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