Fresenius Bribery Morocco

Following information released by the US Department of Justice on bribe payments from the German medical company Fresenius Medical Care to a Moroccan official for contracts in military hospitals in the kingdom, the Royal Armed Forces announced on April 5th the opening of a judicial investigation.

According to the US Department of Justice documents, Fresenius Medical Care established an elaborate corruption scheme in Morocco to obtain contracts for the development of renal dialysis centers in military hospitals across the kingdom.

The scandalous operation has involved its local subsidiary Fresenius Medical Care Morocco (FMC Morocco), wholly owned and managed by its Europe and the Middle East division.

According to the aforementioned report, a “top executive of FMC Morocco” with decision-making powers and a “Moroccan official”, nephrologist and responsible for the creation of dialysis centers in two military hospitals, are guilty of developing a fraudulent circuit of corruption through a shadow company especially that concealed payments in favor of the Moroccan official.

The US Department of Justice’s investigation summary describes how Fresenius Medical Care implemented this system of corruption in Morocco to obtain contracts in military hospitals following the information on facts that occurred between 2006 and 2012 and on presumptions of acts of fraud that would have influenced public markets.

In this context, Moroccan authorities will proceed to the hearing of all persons involved in this scandal including a former medical officer. The investigations will be conducted to establish precise facts relating to this case as per the regulatory and judicial provisions in force.

The Moroccan Army preferred to quash the case while in the United States, Fresenius Medical Care negotiated the settlement of $ 231 million for having paid nearly $ 30 million in bribes to doctors employed by the government and public health officials.

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