The tragic death of the young girl burned alive in an apartment in Sidi Allal Bahraoui provoked the anger of Moroccans who were shocked by the very late intervention of firefighters.

To date, Moroccan authorities have not issued any official statement on the terrible incident. The four years old burned alive while stuck in her parent’s house behind a screened window. A tragic seven minutes video that went viral showed the flames devouring the small body of Hiba before the helpless eyes of the residents. Everyone is accusing firefighters of having delayed intervening and that nobody at the fire brigade answered the numerous telephone calls of the inhabitants.

Several volunteers tried to break the door of the apartment, used ropes and ladders, but the scale of the fire and the screened windows prevented them from saving the girl.

It took the firefighting unit more than half an hour to get to the scene, and when they finally came, they didn’t even have professional ladders.
All that they had were fire hoses projecting weak water that did not even reach Hiba’s window.

According to some sources, the fire is due to the explosion of a mobile phone’s charger. The victim’s mother and younger sister were able to escape the flames and transferred to Tifelt Hospital for emergency care.

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