Police New Gadget

After the Royal Gendarmerie, the elements of the police will be equipped with mobile cameras.

Eight Young Moroccan Migrants Land in the Algarve Shore

A group of young Moroccans, aged between 16 and 26, landed on Wednesday at Monte Gordo beach.

Marrakech: a Race to Raise Awareness about Rare Diseases

The Mohammed VI University Hospital of Marrakech and the Health and Wellbeing Association of this University Hospital Center are organizing, on December 15 in the Ocher City, the 3rd edition of the running race on the road, under the theme “All for to overcome rare diseases.

The “Outlaw” Collective Wins the Simone de Beauvoir Prize

The Simone de Beauvoir Prize for women’s freedom 2020 was awarded to Leila Slimani, Sonia Terrab, and Karima Nadir, representatives of the 490 collective “outlaws.”

Agriculture: The Urgency of Adaptation to Climate Change

Morocco bears the full brunt of the effects of climate change. Studies corroborate the finding by FAO, the National Institute for Agricultural Research, and the National Meteorological Directorate. Projections show that not only is the temperature rise of 1-1.5 ° C expected but also rainfall reduction of up to 20%.

Bitten by a Cat in Morocco, a Spanish Tourist Contracts Rabies

A man in severs condition with rabies has recently been recorded in Spain. He says that the cause may be the bite of a cat during his trip to Morocco.

Most Moroccan Researchers Would Like to Leave the Country

” The vast majority of researchers in the Arab region want to work elsewhere,” says a regional study conducted by Al-Fanar Media with the participation of 650 researchers. In the Moroccan context, the reasons given for leaving the country were the lower wages and the lack of freedom.

Another YouTuber Known for his Critical Videos Arrested in Tifelt

After the arrest last Sunday of Mohamed Sekkaki aka Moul Kaskita, a new YouTuber has been arrested.

Moroccan Court Bars Husband from Approaching Wife for One Year

A study published by the Federation of Women’s Rights Leagues revealed that three Moroccan courts had issued unprecedented judicial decisions recently.

World Prematurity Day: More than 91,000 premature babies are born each year in Morocco.

In Morocco, maternal and infant mortality rates have declined dramatically.