Calls to reopen the border between Morocco and Algeria, closed since 1994, are increasing in recent days. The Algerian Committee for the opening of the Algerian-Moroccan land border (C.A.O.F.T.A-M) called for a symbolic and peaceful rally at the Colonel Lotfi border crossing, on the Algerian side, on the morning of Tuesday, August 13th.

This committee desires, with this action, to challenge the Algerian and Moroccan governments and shed lights on the urgency to open land borders. It emphasizes that citizens of the two nations can exercise their right of free movement on both sides of the border.

Last Sunday, more than 70 Algerian intellectuals also launched on Facebook, calling leaders of both countries to establish and develop bilateral relationships between Algeria and Morocco.

In July 2018, a rally had already taken place on the Moroccan-Algerian border to demand its reopening. Hundreds of people had gathered on both sides of the border.

Last month, football fans from both countries gathered in the border to celebrate together Algeria’s victory in the African Cup of Nations.

In his Throne Day speech, King Mohammed VI recalled this moment of solidarity and reaffirmed Morocco’s commitment to keeping the outstretched hand in the direction of our brothers in Algeria.

” This deep faith in the community of destiny, underpinned by a shared history and civilization, inspires us to work with hope and optimism to realize the aspirations for unity, complementarity, and integration, carried by our Maghreb brothers.”

King Mohammed VI – Throne Day Speech 2019

The Moroccan-Algerian border has been closed since the terrorist attack at the Atlas Asni Hotel in Marrakech on August 24th, 1994, after which Rabat accused the Algerian intelligence services of being at the origin of the attack. Algeria then decided to close the land border, never reopened since.

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